A hot water bath tub or hot water shower can be a joy, a real luxury to enjoy after a hard, tiring day! And to enjoy this luxury, you need a best Marietta water heater that can give you clean, efficient water heating.

Considering the current economic situation it has been found that it is cheaper to use a gas heater compared to an electric heater because of the increase in prices in fuel. The reason for this is that gas units cost approximately half the price of an electric water heater. Keeping this is mind it is important to take some factors into consideration when buying a water heater.

Fuel Choice

Firstly, which fuel choice is better: natural gas or propane? This is debatable; however, most people think natural gas is the better option for a water heater. It is less costly but it should always be kept in mind that it releases carbon monoxide which if leaks, can be harmful due to its poisonous flames.

First Hour Recovery Rating

Secondly, tank capacities and flow rates are important to consider when buying a water heater. You should choose such a tank which best suits your needs and has an efficient flow rate. But what is more important is the fact that how fast can the water heat up and how much hot water can be produced in an hour so search for a tank which is the smallest possible in size but gives you the value that you need. This can be easily done by checking FHR value of the models.

Safety Parameter

Thirdly, all the necessary precautions should be taken into consideration. You should always purchase a water heater which is the safest. Most water heaters have an inbuilt safety unit which keeps the pilot from burning inflammable substances in the air.

Warranty Period

Despite the tall claims made by each company, frequent issues can arise with your water heater…After all, it is a machine. So check the warranty period. Most of the good water heaters provide you 10 to 12 years warranty.

Understand your requirements

Furthermore, it is always a better option to fully understand what you need to buy and what will suit your needs and also of course what your financial resources allow you to buy. If you are a small family having 4 members then obviously, your water heating requirements will be different than a family having 10 members. So, you need to calculate average consumption of hot water per day and this will give you better idea about which capacity you should look for.

Do the thorough research to make Informed Decision
Today, internet has become the information hub that lets you compare all the available gas heaters in market. Surf different sites of manufactures, compare their pros and cons, and go through the various testimonials to make an informed decision!