Nowadays there has been a major shift from storage tank water heaters to tankless water heaters. They do not require any maintenance and the usage cost is half of one’s run by electricity. Standard water heaters only contain heated water for 24 hours whereas tank less water heaters, heat up the water whenever required. This helps on the economic basis of water heaters as money is saved.

There are many tankless water heaters to choose from but in this article, the Top 5 Tankless water heaters available at Marietta water heater contractor are highlighted.


This prestigious company has been producing many goods such as power tools, appliances etc for over sixty years. They also manufacture Tankless Water Heaters. Their model Aqua Star has an efficiency rate of 80% to 90%. This percentage shows the amount of heated water which is not wasted. They also allow hot water to run in numerous showers at a time therefore, it is really reliable for large families.


This company is one of the best in line that manufactures Tankless water heaters as it has a high efficiency rate ranging from 80%to 85%. This company also helps to save half of what you would pay as your electricity bill. Moreover, they are very well known as providing some of the safest tankless water heaters with advanced precautions such as temperature controls that prevent the water from getting too hot and alarms for filling the bathtub. All these things have helped in building its reputation and credibility.

Paloma/ WaiWela

These manufacturers have been one of the first to produce tank less water heaters in the USA and they continue to uphold this prestige. Like Noritz, they are also famous for the advanced safety measures they provide such as an oxygen depletion system which can detect when harmful gases, for example, carbon monoxide is released into the air. If any gases are detected as leaked, the tankless water heater will get automatically switched off and an error message will appear. The second feature is an overheat sensor which can report unsafe temperatures around the combustion area of the water heater. This is really helpful as it protects people from a dangerous accident.


Though it is a comparatively new company, its water heaters are internationally recognized and appreciated as it produces some of the best tankless water heaters. It is also a great machine which propagates solar energy.


This Company is based in USA and manufactures some of the simplest water heaters to use. Moreover, they are one of the few companies which offer a 100% replacement of parts warranty for a lifetime. Their products are very user friendly and highly recommended.

These five companies are the ones to consider when buying a tankless water heater as they are rated as the top five. Furthermore, these are some of the safest water heaters available on the market, so this factor should also be kept in mind.