Kenmore/Sears Water Heaters

Kenmore/Sears Water Heaters are installed and repaired by R.S. Andrews Plumbing, a BBB (Better Business Bureau) A+ rated Marietta, GA water heater contractor. Trust the plumbers your neighbors use. Call 404-793-7887 for residential and commercial water heater service. Our team is on call nights and weekends if needed.

Kenmore is one of the leading providers of high quality water heaters all over the world. It is known to be a reliable source in the industry for it offers long lasting products. Distributors prove this because Kenmore is consistently a top seller. You can avail of their products at, a reputable online appliance shop. Kenmore offers electric and gas water heaters in all sizes to suit all their customer’s needs.

The company has large water heaters if you are to use it entirely for your living room or kitchen, but if you will use another one for your toilets or baths, there are smaller units for you to choose from. Small water heaters have various models but in general, the company offers safe and high quality products. They even have a technology that resists lime build up, which is common to appliances that uses water and also glass lined tank to protect the tank. These features guarantee durability in all their products.

If you want to have a space friendly water heater, you may go for Kenmore’s tankless product that can be placed directly under the sink to ensure that you automatically get hot water if you need it. These tankless varieties also come in different models for you to have more options.