GE Water Heaters

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GE is a popular brand for home appliances. It is one of the leading manufacturers of quality refrigerators yet they also have an impressive line of innovative water heaters. Two main types categorize their products, namely electric and gas type, which, based on their names, describe their source of power. They also have tankless water heater for a continuous hot water supply that saves on space. Several models are available in standard gas or electric GE water heaters.

GE also has a new hybrid water heater, which is their energy saving unit which can save consumers of about $300 annually in energy expenses. It is a very reliable source of hot water for all your home needs. It also takes pride in being given energy star certification.

For their gas-type units, it can be powered by natural and propane gas fuels. There are numerous models that can hold up to 80 gallons of water. What’s best about their standard units is that they have sensor system that turns off automatically if it detects flammable vapors, which lets you have the peace of mind that your home equipment is not just durable; it is also 100% safe. GE water heater can be considered among the top products in the industry.