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Gas Plumbing – When roughing in the plumbing, our responsibility goes beyond getting water into your Marietta home or office. In the Atlanta Metro Area, you will cook with natural gas, heat water with natural gas and heat your home with natural gas. The utility companies will run the gas and water to the curb, but it is Marietta plumber that will run the gas and the water into the building. We will run the black pipe that carries the natural gas throughout the building.

Marietta water heater plumber installs and services gas heaters, gas water heaters, tankless gas water heaters, gas fireplace logs and gas clothes dryers in Marietta GA residences, apartments and offices.

New Gas Heating Furnace Has Higher Efficiency Rating

There are new natural gas fired furnaces that are far more efficient than the “builder’s grade” that your home or office currently uses. These new units pollute the environment less and have a relatively short period.

Gas Lines Marietta: Replacing a Gas Hot Water Tank

Replacing a gas hot water tank that no longer functions you might replace it yourself or you might call us. If you replace the unit yourself, here are a few tools and safety equipment you will need:

  • fire extinguisher
  • adjustable ‘monkey’ wrench
  • pipe wrenches
  • pipe cutter
  • plumbers tape (Teflon)
  • plumbers dope (Teflon)
  • emery cloth
  • propane torch
  • solder

Keep in mind that you are dealing with natural gas and an open flame that will heat the pipes and make them a hazard. Now, considering this, you may want to call the professional Marietta water heater installers. Installing natural gas lines is a potentially dangerous project and a DYIer should have an above average knowledge and experience level before attempting this plumbing job. Replacing a hot water tank is a two man job

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