Water Heater Maintenance Issues

The presence of water heater is imperative in modern Marietta houses. Though its installation is the only time we ever want to give it attention, it is inevitable that you need to pay attention to it now and then for the maintenance tasks too. There could be small fixes that will come of over the lifetime of a water heater. Its life span can go up to 15 years and the small fixes will include thermostat issues, leakages, water flow problem etc. Some of the issues that crop up in your Marietta water heater will require professional help. In general, you need to keep track of its performance else you will end up getting chilled water on a busy day.

Working Mechanism

Let us now get to know how the water heater actually works. This will give us a better understanding when something goes wrong in it.

  1. The water heater’s tank has an input connection and an output connection.
  2. The output connection, located at the top of the tank sends the heated water to the faucet where it is of use to you.
  3. The cold water gets into the water heater through the input connection.
  4. The heating unit is a burner at the bottom in a gas heater and a component inside the tank for the electric heaters.
  5. There is a thermostat which monitors whether the water is hot or not to the specific temperature.
  6. If the thermostat finds out that the temperature has fallen below the designated limit, it gives a signal to the heating unit to start its job.

Potential Water Heater Problems

Next, let us get to know the potential problems that you could experience with your water heaters,

  1. If you have the problem of steam or very hot, boiling water emerging out of your faucet, switch off the heater at once.
  2. This signals that there is a problem with the thermostat; it could be damaged or has got heated too much.
  3. You may have to get it repaired if the problem has just started.
  4. If it has been a while since the problem has been noticed then you will have to get a new thermostat.

Tank-less water heaters are famous nowadays. They consume less space and hence are preferred by many. Gas heaters are economical but their maintenance is tougher when compared to electric water heaters.

Take Professional Help While Fixing Water Heater Issues

Though you can learn about the working of a water heater and detect what has gone wrong or even fix tiny issues, it is always better to take a professional’s help to repair or re-install it. This is because while handling water heaters, you will not only be dealing with costly elements but also with heaters and electric power. So, utmost care should be taken and your safety costs much more than a few bucks. Therefore, ensure that you get professional help when water heaters cause problems.