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Bosch has been a popular name for a wide range of products for both home and commercial use, but its range of tankless water heaters are the only ones that have been designed for US use. The company boasts average life of about 20 years. Among their gas products are 6 models, 2 of which have been energy star certified. 2700ES is one of its energy star certified gas water heater that is easy to install and is very efficient.

Bosch’s electric water heater units are PowerStar tankless water heaters. This will make you do everything you need to do with the use of hot water yet never run out of it. These models are also built to consume less electricity to save up on your money and help save the environment. Tankless waters are also great for those who would not like to take up so much space in their homes.

Bosch also features point of use water heaters. Ariston Mini-Tank point of use is one of these and it is noted for a sleek Italian design and modern features like glass lining to protect the tank. The other one is Power Star Point of Use which has 4 models to choose from.