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.A.O. Smith Water Heaters.

AO Smith has been in the water heating industry for 7 decades. It offers an innovative solution for all water heating needs for both residential and commercial purpose. They boast quality and diversity in all of their products. They assure consumers that what they offer will be cost efficient and last longer compared with the products offered by competitors. It is the first to introduce glass lining in its water heaters to protect steel from the effects of water.

For residential purpose, AO Smith offers both gas and electric under conventional types of water heaters. For gas water heaters it offers 9 different varieties to suit every need. For its electric water heaters there are a total of 52 main varieties that are all considered innovations of the company. It also offers conservationist type of water heater which boasts maximum savings on electricity. AO Smith boasts a total of 5 different commercial water heaters including gas, solar, electric, oil and multi fuel.

AO Smith considers water heating as their major strength which is why they continue to develop their products to ensure durability. They offer high efficiency in all their products which is proven by longer years of warranty and reliable performance.