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Residential and commercial water heaters are generally very reliable, but like any piece of equipment, something is eventually going to fail and there is going to be a problem. This is when it is important to have an established relationship with a reliable Marietta plumber.

If you suddenly have no hot water, the problem could be one of several areas. There could be a problem with the upper heating element, the thermostat, thermocouple, or the gas pilot control valve. In each of these cases, it’s going to be necessary to call a trained plumber that specializes in Marietta water heaters, both residential and commercial, to identify the problem and have the parts necessary to fix it.

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If your water heater has to be repaired or replaced, you want the Marietta water heater plumber who installed it to be local and available on a 24/7 basis. You don’t want to call an 800 number and have a customer service person tell you that they will put you on the schedule and someone will get to it soon.
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Your plumber can help with determining the proper size of water heater. He will have all of the data for water flow from the various appliances to help determine the proper size, and can advise you regarding water usage especially for your family. For example, teenagers tend to take long showers so they will naturally use more hot water than younger kids and this needs to be taken into consideration.

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Unless your Marietta water heater is located in a normally visible area, you may not notice when it develops a water leak. The source of the leak could be minor, such as a leak around a fitting or valve, but it could also be the start of a more serious problem, which is corrosion of the tank. Unfortunately, unless you happen to see the leak early, a tank usually bursts all at once and water goes all over the place. This is the exact circumstance that the plumber is trained and equipped to handle on a timely basis.

Since a homeowner only replaces a hot water heater once every 12-15 years, you are not going to know the differences between the major hot water heater manufacturers. Because our plumbers are working on these units on daily basis, they are in a much better position to advise you on which manufacturer and model will be best suited for your home.

Marietta Tankless Water Heater

You hear a lot about these energy efficient, endless sources of hot water, but is one for you? Tankless water heaters are a perfect solution for homes with a lot of children, tons of laundry and a big garden tub that needs hot water, all at the same time. But they are not for everyone because they cost a lot when retrofitting your home. Now if you are building a new home and can finance it as part if the new construction, its a “no brainer”. There are conventional water heaters Marietta plumbers can install that recover quickly and have a larger storage capacity. Call and the Marietta plumber you trust for all your plumbing needs will help you choose the one that is right for you.

Call for service and installation of Rinnai, Nortz, Bosch, AO Smith and American tankless water heaters in Marietta, GA.

Water Heater Brands

We service, repair and install all the major Marietta water heater brands including A.O. Smith, Rheem, Bradford-White, GE, State Industries and more.